TheWolfWalk, the Wolf can walk but can he talk? YES.

I enjoy studying the changes in fashion & music, how fashion has an impact on society and the extent people will go to just to feel as if they look good. As a fashion student it is apparent to me that some people have no originality and enjoy just following the crowd like sheep (as you can see in the name). Personally I don’t like to see this as to me it just shows a lack of initiative and confidence, be confident in yourself and what you wear just be yourself and don’t let anybody tell you different. Look good. Feel good. Everyone is an individual and is unique, people should express this through style.

I am passionate about fashion and writing so why not combine the two? I like writing about the freedom that fashion can grant as well as the way it allows you to express yourself even though you’re constantly being judged. I examine the music industry as well and the way that it has an effect on the fashion industry. A lot of urban clothing is based upon what the best rappers are currently wearing. Win or bin? That is down to you but I like to analyse what is happening within the industry.

I am heavily into photography as well and focus on fashion photography. I plan on making a subsection on my blog that focuses on fashion when I’m out and about in West End. I look a lot at other blogs and websites such as Sneakerpedia and ComplexStyle.



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