Fashion Forecast – NYFW



So now that fashion week is over, I wonder what the high street is now going to try and steal. I have noticed a few trends that have appeared throughout.The 3 main trends that I noticed were zips, fur and layering. These have all been features of the fashion world throughout the past year but now i expect a lot of brands to be focusing on these 3 trends.

Zips have become a key part of many pieces of clothing as of late. Zips have been featuring on a lot of items and them being placed in unusual places has begun to raise a few eyebrows. Their main purpose is to be functional but now they have become somewhat of a decorative item. Many zips now being placed to break up the structure of the design/garment. Another feature of the zips is to introduce a vibrant colour into the black clothing.They often contrast well with the clothing and help to make the design seem a lot more distinctive and unusual than what it actually is. The zips give off an 80’s feel as it carries an element of ‘punk’ about it. The metal zips are seen as somewhat of a follow on from the stud and the spike craze. Studs on steroids?

As the popularity of over sized clothing is growing and is very close to establishing itself within the fashion world, it often comes hand in hand with the zips as many of the items of clothing need something to break up and separate the design. This could be why the popularity of the zip is increasing? Who knows but with many top designers now including zips in their collections it will only be weeks before the high street shops begin to pounce. YKK are about to earn a whole load of money!

Fur is the second thing that I expect to explode. Just look at the plague of parkas that featured within this winter period. Fur lined clothing is becoming a big feature of current clothing and is expected to get even bigger with many of us anticipating a short summer. Animal print was seen as a starting point for this trend but now that has become ‘extinct’ and people have moved onto fur. The parka trend also collaborated with another trend. That trend being leather. It is almost as if designers used the “left over” leather and slapped it onto another growing trend. The combat green parka becoming very popular with leather sleeves and a fur hood. Going to war with cow sleeves and a rabbit hood.

Layering is the final point. I noticed that layering was a big feature of NYFW. Layering breaks down the genders between clothing. Making it hard to label what is menswear and what isn’t. Layers also add emphasize fluid lines within the garment. Linking in with my previous point about over sized clothing, layering has began to grow from the trend of over sized clothing. The combination of layering and over sized garments introduced the influence of middle east culture/fashion. I predict that is going to become a big part of the fashion scene this year.

This was a small feature of NYFW but personally I have noticed the increase in popularity concerning ‘PVC’ and ‘Floral prints’ for SS14. I expect to see a lot of floral print over this summer period and expect that PVC will take over leather this year. Many female designers are starting include PVC within their designs and it will only be a matter of time before male designers begin to get involved. Bondage galore? Regarding floral print I think it is going to be difficult for people who lack personality to be able to wear it well. I think that this kind of design is a risk as many men are not as experimental and like to stick to ‘safer’ clothing. I think they will be weary of wearing this kind of print.

Personally I think we will witness a good change in fashion this year, introducing a sense of originality, edginess and attitude.

Image sourced from Complex style all rights reserved