Am I the only one that has noticed that Zara has become way too popular over the last year? Is it because of the leather look clothing or the hype surrounding all black clothing? Who knows but lets face it we’ve all noticed.

I’m not going to act like I don’t own any items from Zara but this was back when Zara was a lot more subtle and not as mass produced. Now that is not the case. Due to Zara’s such limited range and small collections, a lot of people are now walking around looking like leather look bin bags. Everything leather? No.

The leather look started off great, with a small trim here and there but never whole outfits. Who do i blame for this? There is definitely a small list. Be it Kanye or A$AP Rocky they’ve all greatly increased Zara’s intake. A lot of their clothing is not even original, I mean yes they do have some good pieces but a lot of their clothing resembles Givenchy’ and ‘Yves Saint Laurent‘ only just it being lower quality to the expensive designers.

Leather joggers? Florescent patterned leather joggers? Not even Hypebeasts wear these surely? I mean at least ‘Pyrex’ limits their designs and they are still able to pull it off (just about). I personally believe that Zara needs to be a tiny bit more original with the clothing it is producing. But what does that matter? Zara has become way too popular now and does not have a wide enough range for it to be able to deal with this popularity. If Zara isn’t careful they could end up being a more expensive version of ‘Primark’ with shops popping up quicker than Mcondalds. It gets even worse when its’ sale is on as items that are originally priced at £140 are priced at £29.99 in the sale. The women’s range is a lot better organised in comparison to the men’s range.

Personal experience right here…

The January sales have just begun, I’m in Westfield and I think to myself “Byron why don’t you check out Zara?” so I decide to. Biggest mistake that I could have made that day! First of all I walk in and it smells of sweat. Yes. Sweat. To add to that it is packed to the point where people are slowly shuffling along barely able to take their phones out of their ‘amazing’ leather look florescent joggers. So enduring these conditions i decide to buy a pair of jeans. Long story short I get home and the jeans didn’t even fit. needless to say I was P***** off.

Moral of the story… Zara has become way too popular and they need to be more original ( as well as sorting out their sizing). I’m not asking anyone to boycott Zara or anything like that. I’m simply saying, please just calm down and lay off of Zara a little bit or Zara hire some decent designers!