ADYN is a relatively new clothing brand based in London. They focus on bespoke over sized clothing of  high quality. Their designs are unique and different when compared with other underground designers. Their minimalist style reminds me of the Japanese Godfather of Fashion, Yohji Yamamoto and his supposed old flame Rei Kawakubo (the monk and the nun).

The fact that their popularity is still growing is even better as it is not a common brand. They are definitely worth checking out. The clothing they offer is well tailored with a long lasting design. Their design focuses on sharp seams and creating panels within the structure. I own an over sized hoodie so trust me I know. They make jerseys look very slick and desirable to wear. Their jerseys are definitely winning! Anyone would be willing to pay for ADYN’s design. Personally I feel more comfortable and special spending money on their bespoke designs. They are diverse enough to experiment with different materials and designs. ADYN does not have a main focus and adapts well with the latest trends.

ADYN’s clothing definitely raises a few eyebrows and provokes a reaction from the viewer. The clothing they produce has an aspect of ‘grunge’ about it. The clothing is almost subliminally ‘punk’ with the inclusion of leather. Although this is the case the clothing also gives a ‘gentlemen’ feel, cut above the class. A mixture between formal and urban creation.

The way the founder of ADYN dresses is different. He is capable of pulling off many different styles. Be it if he wears the newest pair of Nike Air Jordans or be it if he wears a new pair of Christian Louboutin’s, he is very influential and up to date with fashion to say the least. I don’t want it to seem like this is a post just promoting the brand. But when you see something you like it is worth talking about it and mentioning it. This is definitely a brand worth keeping an eye on with celebrities like ‘Kid Ink’ sporting some of the latest items dropped by ADYN. Its not even an odd item here or there, the brand is just genuinely growing.

I See something like ADYN and it inspires me and shows me that if you have the right team behind you as well as you setting yourself a goal you can be successful. ADYN I take my hat off to you and will be purchasing more clothing from you in the future.

If you’re interested go check it out!!! http://adyn.co.uk/

Image sourced from ADYN website All rights reserved by ADYN.


Rappers & Fashion


Rappers & Fashion trends. These two topics pretty much come hand in hand. A lot of rappers are the first to model new trends and be the stepping stone for the latest fashion craze. 

Be it Kanye West sporting a skirt or Pharell Williams wearing a hat a little out of the ordinary. Lets face it one way or another rappers and their controversial outfits have always been a point worth addressing within the fashion industry.

Many of us rely on these rappers to bring in the latest look or inspire us to progress our own fashion. I think this is a key element of the urban/street fashion world, with many of these rappers being seen as the models. Of course I have to mention the likes of Kanye West and A$AP Rocky as it is debatable that these are two of the biggest fashion icons around. We rely on these two for more ‘unusual’ items as well the controversial. Who else can get away with wearing a skirt? Of course no one other than Yeezus himself. If i were to go into West End wearing a leather skirt i’m pretty sure I would have had the remains of someone’s Big Mac sliding down my face. This is where it becomes apparent to me how important the likes of these people are. It is almost like a ‘seal of approval’. Although these items of clothing are controversial it’s like it is almost made okay if someone famous is seen wearing it first. 

This brings me on to my next point about originality. I mean what does it really mean to be original? Seeing someone like Chris Brown (he can’t really rap but yeah) wearing an over sized hoodie with some leather pants and black Timbs, you then slightly altering this outfit maybe adding a spike here or there or adding an extra stud doesn’t make you original. I mean yes it’s good to take inspiration from the right places but don’t wear it just because you’ve seen so and so wearing it. Be comfortable with yourself and what you wear. ( A little off track) 

I think that it is a good thing that we have the rappers to introduce these new fashion trends, even though some of them do become a little too popular much like the leather look with celebrities looking like they’re ready to butcher cows and just slap all that leather on. New meaning of ‘fashion killa’? And don’t get me started on the hype surrounding Timberlands. Without the likes of Kanye west and other influential icons question yourself if the Jordan brand would have really exploded the way it did? Of course it would have. But when? This kind of person helps to accelerate this process and create hype surrounding the item/s. I know I keep mentioning Kanye but as much as it pains me to say it i have to admit that he has style and yes even though he does talk a lot of S***, I like the fact that he has shown that as a rapper you can be more than just lyrics and you can branch out from music. I know he failed investing millions but he has a valid point, he is successful and he is a massive inspiration to the urban/street fashion scene. Sway doesn’t have the answers to as why he failed but hey at least Kanye is trying. I mean the guy can create a masterpiece if we were to discuss footwear.

The likes of Jay Z and Miguel bring an element of elegance and slickness to the fashion scene also. Constantly being spotted out in brands such as ‘Tom Ford’. This helps to introduce the different looks into the same culture of fashion. Showing us at home that yes sometimes it is good to go and get the freshest pair of Jordans dropping this year, but at other times it is good to dress up a little bit and put on a slim fit suit or blazer and just look casual and smart. All of these people have a great influence over the current trends and personally I believe it’s good that we have them there almost as ‘Stepping stones’ possibly even ‘guinea pigs’.

These people are a focal point in new trends and fashion for the urban/street fashion scene. It is key as not many people have an insight or knowledge of designers an rely on the music industry for these fashion icons. I’m not saying to copy what they are wearing but maybe use some of what they wear as inspiration or just use them as an example to be confident in yourself. Don’t be a Wolf in a Sheep’s clothing. Be yourself.